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Name:Jeremy "Jay" Kellar
Birthdate:Mar 16
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America
Both of their parents were children of Pandora, but only the Kellar twins' mother served the Fraternity, while their father lived as a civilian, working as a professional musician while his wife made her living as a magician's assistant, doing her own act on the side.

Despite being raised in show business, both twins grew up embracing a strictly blue-collar lifestyle. Jay, specifically, got into construction professionally, obtaining his contracting license and working his way up through a general contractor's company in downtown LA. Pledging to the Fraternity when he came of age, he found the empty night lots on job sites a fertile breeding ground for the Darkness to hide, and fought his battles there.

Alongside his twin, Jay proved himself a prodigy in the field of mentalism, excelling not only magically but theatrically in his spare time. Together and apart, both brothers earned high accolades from their peers...

...until they vanished from sight at the age of twenty seven.

Four years later, the pair were enlisted by a Fraternity Brother to fight against a Face of the Darkness that was slaughtering their kind and endangering not only human lives, but those of innocent children of Pandora that weren't pledged to fight. Only in the aftermath of a successful fight against Hate did their world turn again on its ear when human compatriot Tommy Karras came to them after a mugging with a startling tale to tell...
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